Gaspard and lisa 1

Gaspard (Black) Lisa (White)

Gaspard is a six year old black dog. He wears a blue scarf. His best friend is Lisa and he sits next to her in class. He has always with his bag

Gaspard's Family

  • Charles: Gaspard's older brother, he is 13 year old black dog. He always wears headphones around his neck. He often gets angry when Gaspard and Lisa ruin his fun accidentally, such as losing his kite or breaking his model rocket. Because of his age, he frequently criticizes what Gaspard and Lisa do and how childish they act. Gaspard really likes his big brother sometimes
  • Gaspard's Papa: Gaspard and Charle's father and husband of their mother. He has a job and wears a blue and green striped tie.
  • Gapard's Mama: Gaspard and Charle's mother and wife of their father. She is a housewife and wears a purple pearl necklace.
  • Mamie Mathilde: Gaspard's father's mother. She lives in a blue house far from the city of Paris with a dog named Prince.